Update on The Girls – 2012 – #18: Buying the Kids Off with Dora

Several colleagues at work have young kids who are just a bit older than are our two girls. They strongly recommended that we buy one of the in-car DVD players for trips. So, we are now buying our kids off with Dora the Explorer DVDs each time we travel. The Girls love Dora, though they aren’t as Crazy about Monsters, Inc. or The Muppets take Manhattan. (That’s too bad about the Muppets, the Mojowoman and I loved them when we were kids).

Each girl has her own screen that “rides” on the back of a headrest of a front seat. The only problems are a) E likes to tear out the wires to her DVD. Also, the Mojowoman & I now have the Dora the Explorer songs burned into our heads. But you can’t deny that the kids are happier when they have their DVDs playing; we have bought two more Dora DVDs for future trips.

Sunday, we got back from the beach and had a crazy time in Wal-Mart. The Girls were low on energy and they got manic, grabbing everything off the shelves. I know that the Wal-Mart staff was glad to see us leave.

C – (16 months) – continues to do more walking. She also starting to run; this is a bit unnerving because a lot of the time she is running from her parents.

Last Friday, we went and bought chicken fingers from Guthrie’s at Orange Beach. It was strange to get four meals, instead of three. C really enjoyed her chicken fingers and French fries – she’s a good eater.

Guthrie's home of the "heart attack on a plate." Yum!

She is enjoying singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” at the top of her lungs. She’s discovering her voice and babbling nonstops.

The Dora videos are huge favorites for C. She claps & kicks as they play, which is in contrast to her big sister who looks on as though in a trance.

She’s grabbed the “Wet Floor” sign in Wal-Mart, much to her parents’ consternation.

The last few times we’ve been for a walk C has poured her bottle of water all over herself. Unlike her big sister – who loves to drink – C never seems to drink enough to keep hydrated. After the water dumping, we have to change E when we get back home. She’s going through the clothes.

E – (30 months) – is gaining maturity in a hurry. But she takes a step back now and again. Last night, she refused to eat her dinner. (This is pretty common). After she went to bed – surprise, surprise – she got hungry. She freaked out, demanded food, and refused to calm down even after eating

When she wakes up, you never know what you are going to get. But you can predict that it will never be “middle of the road.” She’s either all the way happy or all the way sad.

We took The Girls out to the playground at Orange Beach the other day. We realized that E is incredibly tall. There was a 4-year-old out there & E was about the same height as is that girl.

She has gotten to the point where she loves the back yard. She’s like the Mojowoman in that regard. Unfortunately, Alabama summertime is coming on in a hurry – and it’s going to be hard to find times when it is cool enough for her to go outside.

Last week, we were out for a walk and E saw a neighbor playing his remote-controlled car. The car was very fast and zipped this way and that. E just loved it. Perhaps she’s a budding engineer.

This is the last week of class. We have almost made it through the school year with full-time jobs, two very-small children, and no day care. It’s been a great adventure!

This summer The Girls are going to spend some time with their Bibi & Pop (my parents). Bibi insists that The Girls are “no work,” but she must also be keeping someone else’s other kids. Our kids make you run…


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I have been a Mobile resident for about a decade. Working as a college professor keeps me off the streets and pays the bills. I am married to a woman (the MojoWoman) who is a much better person than I am and we have two beautiful girls who keep us both jumping. My interests are varied - food & drink, sports, politics, exercise, books, travel, Mardi Gras, and all of life's rich pageant. In the future, I'd like to learn more about sailing, photography, Cajun/Creole cooking, making beer and wine, and writing.
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