Scenes from Orange Beach, Alabama – Summer 2012 – #4 – Memorial Day & June Weddings

June Brides – & Grooms

It is now June & the weddings @ the beach are starting. Saturday evening, we watched a couple “tie the knot” at sunset. The bride wore her poofy, white dress while everyone else – including the groom – was casually dressed. I hope that they are very happy.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was crazy at the beach; it was by far the most crowded we have ever seen it. In the mornings, we would go down & place our chairs & umbrellas to “stake out” our spots for the day.

Our Girls on Memorial Day Weekend

We tried to take our Girls to the beaches and it was a partial success. Our older child – E – loved the surf & threw herself and her blanket into the water. She loves to create a stir wherever she does – and that makes for a lot of fun & work for her parents. Our younger child – C – is also a handful in the water.  But C is very content to sit under the umbrella & play in the sand. Our trips last from fifteen minutes to an hour before The Girls had to go back to the condo.

The Girls are very boisterous. One time,  two older kids from the unit next to ours were also waiting @ the elevator; they would not get on with us – probably because of the hubbub.

The Sunday before Memorial Day, C & I walked down the beach in a sea of humanity. It was the most crowded that I have ever seen it. Someone was playing “Hotel California” on the radio; the lifeguard stand down @ the public beach was full. In spite of the crowds, it was quite nice.

Surfing on the Gulf Coast?

The waves in the Gulf are quite gentle and you don’t see many surfers – unless there’s been a storm. I do see two teen boys on surfboards out in the Gulf quite a bit. They aren’t trying to catch waves, but they stand on the boards and paddle with one oar each.

Interesting Visitors

During Memorial Day, a large group stayed next door to us. There were about ten people in a two-bedroom condo. They caught some fish, then cooked them that night; they smelled so bad. Our neighbors had to open to door to their condo because the smell was so strong.

At the beginning of the weekend, Wal-Mart was packed with people getting ready for Memorial Day. A couple was arguing about who would have to pay the bill. The argument went on for a while, but eventually the man gave in and handed his card to the woman. They must have had an interesting weekend.

Fashion Faux-Pas

Some of the “fashions” that people wear on the beach are amazing. We saw a 400-pound woman in a string bikini walk out to the beach smoking a cigarette. She was also covered in tattoos. (Those must be some powerful strings). We also saw another hefty woman in a hot-pink bikini; if you’re big, hot pink might not be your best color.


About mobilemojoman

I have been a Mobile resident for about a decade. Working as a college professor keeps me off the streets and pays the bills. I am married to a woman (the MojoWoman) who is a much better person than I am and we have two beautiful girls who keep us both jumping. My interests are varied - food & drink, sports, politics, exercise, books, travel, Mardi Gras, and all of life's rich pageant. In the future, I'd like to learn more about sailing, photography, Cajun/Creole cooking, making beer and wine, and writing.
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