Monday, 27 June 2016 – Read The Serpent and The Rainbow, The Wall Street Journal, &

The best thing that I read all day was an article in The Wall Street Journal on how Australian politicans campaign in the Outback. They have huge districts to cover and – to add another wrinkle – voting is mandatory. So, every adult they meet is a voter.

This article reminded – in this bitter election year in the U.S. – that politics can be fascinating. Here it is –


While the Mojowoman and I were @ the grocery store, we ended up in a long line. Not wanting to waste the time, I found the current copy of The National Enquirer and began to peruse it. (Of course, this was just slumming; please don’t judge me too harshly).


Olivia Newton-John & Patrick McDermott

The best article was on Olivia Newton-John’s ex-boyfriend (Patrick McDermott) who went missing over a decade ago while sailing off the coast of California. The Enquirer claims to have found him in Mexico, working as a deckhand on yachts. The claim is that McDemott owed $35,000+ in bills. If he was worried about money, he might have done better to stay with his Hollywood sugar mama.

A summary of the article is here (not that you’d ever stoop so low as to read it) –


It was night before I got a chance to return to the zombies in The Serpent and the Rainbow. I made it from page 127 to 167 (finishing part 2) before zonking. Part 2 concerns author Wade Davis’ return to Harvard University for the preliminary analysis of his findings.

Part 3 takes up the rest of the book. I can’t wait for Davis’ return to Haiti. Part 2 was good, but it could be overly long in places, too dry, too academic.


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I have been a Mobile resident for about a decade. Working as a college professor keeps me off the streets and pays the bills. I am married to a woman (the MojoWoman) who is a much better person than I am and we have two beautiful girls who keep us both jumping. My interests are varied - food & drink, sports, politics, exercise, books, travel, Mardi Gras, and all of life's rich pageant. In the future, I'd like to learn more about sailing, photography, Cajun/Creole cooking, making beer and wine, and writing.
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