Monday, 23 January 2017

For the only bedtime story, E chose Hey Diddle Diddle – The Mother Goose of Nonsense by Dalmatian Press. I read it to everyone.


At night, I started reading Robert Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion. I read the first 30 pages before I had to head for bed around ten p.m. The jury’s still out. What I read was pretty good. I was disappointed to see that the book is so heavily padded with footnotes, indices, etc. There are just 230 pages of text, but 180 pages of endnotes.


Our neighbors behind us had their bass thumpin’, so reading wasn’t the easiest thing on earth. T&I both contented ourselves with some bowls of vanilla ice cream as I read and she worked to get ready for work Tuesday.



About mobilemojoman

I have been a Mobile resident for about a decade. Working as a college professor keeps me off the streets and pays the bills. I am married to a woman (the MojoWoman) who is a much better person than I am and we have two beautiful girls who keep us both jumping. My interests are varied - food & drink, sports, politics, exercise, books, travel, Mardi Gras, and all of life's rich pageant. In the future, I'd like to learn more about sailing, photography, Cajun/Creole cooking, making beer and wine, and writing.
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