Thursday, 26 January 2017 – Is Crime a Beast or Virus?

While the kids were in their music class, I read some of Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion. It was the only reading that I did Thursday. The waiting area was chatter-y, so it was hard to concentrate. Despite the noise, I read pages 96 to 117.


More advice from Cialdini

Perhaps my favorite part of Thursday’s reading concerned the power of metaphor. Cialdini writes that when researchers described crime as a “beast,” people favored stiff sentences as a way to deal lawbreakers. (After all, what do you do with a beast?). On the other hand, when people describe crime as a virus, people wanted to treat the root causes of crime. (Likewise, if crime is a health problem, you have to change the conditions that allow people to become infected).


C was still doing penance for her bad behavior Wednesday, so she was barred from all stories for a second night. T read Hey Diddle Diddle – The Mother Goose of Nonsense as E’s story.



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