Saturday, 13 May 2017 – More in John Safran’s God’ll Cut You Down

Saturday I continued to read John Safran’s God’ll Cut You Down. I made it from page 161 to page 302. Unfortunately, I thought that the book started to fall off, it just wasn’t as good. The case takes some turns that Safran didn’t expect. On the one hand, the twists drive home the point that nonfiction doesn’t follow a script, which makes it more interesting – in many cases – than is fiction.


However, Safran doesn’t quite know how to deal with the ever-shifting story. He records his phone conversations with the murderer (Vincent McGee). Unfortunately, McGee isn’t articulate and Safran doesn’t know when to stop quoting and use short summaries instead. Still, on the whole, God’ll Cut You Down is good; I’d give it 7/10 so far.


I also read a couple of articles from Businessweek (Bloomberg Businessweek, if you want to be precise). I’d left an old copy (from December 19-25th) out here when we visited in the fall. The cover story was on the alleged manipulation of U.S. Import laws by Asian shrimpers. Businessweek alleges that much of the shrimp entering the U.S. Is unsafe. The article might be a bit technical for the layperson, but it was interesting to read it while looking @ the Gulf of Mexico.


The story is here –


Just before we left Mobile Friday, the mail arrived and I got the new copy of Businessweek. The current cover story is about the alleged murder of an Indian-American engineer (Srinivas Kuchibotla) by a disaffected white American. The story is interesting, but it reminds me of the old saying that journalism is the first draft of history. We don’t know the motives or inspiration for the alleged murder. Also, we don’t know whether anti-immigrant crimes will become increasingly common. Having said that, I think that the article provides good food for thought.


The story is here –


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